Monday, December 5, 2011


It's been awhile since I've shared a story from the kids.....thought you would enjoy this one!

The kids are allowed to play the Wii for about an hour or two, 3 days a week.  They were getting ready to play a few weeks ago, when they realized that the light on the Wii console wasn't lit up red, and we were unable to figure out why it wasn't on.

The first thing Gideon did was to pray.  He said "Please God, please fix our Wii!"

To which Nolan responded..."Gideon, you shouldn't really pray that God fixes your IDOL!"

To which I responded....."If it really is an idol to you guys, then maybe God broke it for that very reason!"

The boys were not thrilled with my response.

It was working just fine the next day!  Gideon was happy that his prayers were answered.

Please Pray

Last week, I went to my ob for a routine appointment and anatomy ultrasound.

Once the ultrasound begin, the technician immediately asked me if I have had any placental problems before.  I told her no.

She then said that I have what is known as CPP or Complete Placenta Previa.  Which means that instead of a high implantation of the placenta in my uterus, it is completely covering my cervix.  Because I have Complete Previa, there is only a small percentage that it will move up and out of the way.

I ask for prayers that it does move up as my uterus continues to grow.

Because of this condition, some complications can arise...and I've put myself on modified bedrest, in hopes that these complications are prevented.

I go in for another ultrasound in January....where, hopefully, we will see some movement.

If it doesn't move, I will need a c-section, probably about a month before my due date.

The good news is that baby Millie is doing great and looks perfect!  She is a fiesty baby that is a quick mover :)  She's already preparing for being in a very active house!

Please pray!