Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yet another review of The Shack!

I'm happy that our pastor decided to weigh in on this book!

You can read it here.


The Social Frog said...

I am sure YOU still have not read it. It is so silly that anyone is making a big deal about this book. I read it, I enjoyed it for what it was, a work of fiction. I did not like some things about the book but it means nothing, it is just a book. Anyone who makes anything more out of it both ways has issues. It is just silly.

Shannon said...

I DID read it...last year. And I was appalled by what I read.

If it means nothing, then why do I get such emotional, defensive comments from you each time I blog about it?

I have a hard time enjoying something that doesn't glorify God and is blatantly against the God of the Bible.

Just because people are being discerning, doesn't make them 'have issues'. As Christians, we are CALLED to discern everything we see, read, do, etc. If there is no discernment within one's life, the door is being opened to some very scary things.

John said...

Yeah, she read the whole thing on our trip up to Maine last summer. In fact, she has an autographed copy of the book. I remember quite well because she read probably half of the book to me as I was driving. It is a well written story, but book tries to make a point on whom God is and what God is like and it fails at doing so misereably. It is a book of fiction, true. But the book obviously has an agenda of trying to explain why God allows terrible events to happen. It does so by giving painting creating a new god that is far from the God of the Bible. If anyone wants to know what what God is really like, then may I suggest another best selling book...the Bible. If you like and defend the god of The Shack, then you do not like the God of the Bible. It's that simple. Instead of saying it was a good book, how about actually pointing out how the author was correct in the views he pushed on the Godhead and the doctrine of the Trinity? How about defending the author's view on the atonement?

John said...

Furthermore, on the radio, I just listened to the author of this book say that he doesn't believe that Jesus' death paid for our sins. This wouldn't bother me if it was someone who claimed he was an unbeliever. It bothers me that this man is being marketed as a Christian author who has written a christian book.