Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things have been pretty busy around here lately!

First, let's update on Gideon! He's doing really well! We are still seeing so many improvements and celebrating the little walking up the stairs, holding onto the railing all by himself! (with one of us there to spot him!) He is able to put his seat belt on and off by himself! He can stand by himself for over a minute and a half without losing his balance! He scoots all around the house and can climb onto the couch and his bed, and climb back off of them all by himself!

We are amazed at his attitude throughout this entire ordeal. God has truly blessed our family through Gideon.

Secondly, how about baby #6? I am 12 weeks along and things are moving right along! I listen to the baby's heartbeat daily and have my BIG ultrasound scheduled for January 29th. John and I have settled on names...which was quite a hurdle! I am feeling good...though, I'm not sleeping extremely well. I've had a cold and add back aches to that, and you have a tired mommy!

I keep myself busy running around 3+ days a week, with Gideon's therapy and my appt's. Life can get crazy.

We are staying focused this Christmas is not about the busyness, it is not about buying the best's about remembering Christ and that this tiny baby that was found in the manger so long ago, was born so that He could die for our sins and make us right before His Father.

What a great time of year it is! I pray that we find ourselves on our knees before God, in thanksgiving and repentance.


LivingByDailyGrace said...

I am so glad to hear the Gideon is doing well. We had our children fully involved in praying for him during his surgery and they periodically ask about him. I'll let them know.

Also, on the not sleeping well, I had the same problem at the beginning of this pregnancy. I found that taking a bit of extra calcium at the end of my day helped alot. Just a thought.

Will you find out what you are having this time around? I am impressed that you have names picked out already. We are expecting #7 in May and are really stuck on this. And we only have one name to pick out since we found out we're having a girl.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am so glad to hear that Gideon is doing so well. Praise God!!! Children are amazing in the things that God does through them. It's sad how much our society underestimates them. But God uses them all the time. It seems that He's used Gideon in mighty ways. I know he's impacted our family tremendously. :)

Thia said...

It's good to hear that Gideon is doing so well!
Merry Christmas.

viviennembehnke said...

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