Thursday, April 22, 2010

A quote

From the journal of Adoniram Judson's 3rd wife, Emily, on his last visit to America, after he preached for 30+ years on the mission field:

As he sat down, it was evident, even to the most unobservant eye, that most of the listeners were disappointed. After the exercises were over, several persons inquired of me, frankly, why Dr Judson had not talked of something else, why he had not told a story...On the way home, I mentioned the subject to him.

"Why, what did they want?" he inquired; "I presented the most interesting subject in the world, to the best of my ability."

"But they wanted something different-- A story."... See More

"Well, I am sure I gave them a story--the most thrilling one that can be conceived of."

"But they had heard it before. They wanted something new of a man that had just come from the antipodes."

"Then I am glad they have it to say, that a man coming from the antipodes had nothing better to tell than the wondrous story of Jesus' Dying love."

(From the biography of Adoniram Judson: To the Golden Shore)

Let us never yearn to hear the stories of mere men...instead, let us never tire of hearing the Gospel!!

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