Saturday, November 1, 2008

A night of Halloween fun!

We started when it was still light out. We had to get an early start! We were even able to bring John's older three boys out trick or treating...since they had never been before! Every kid needs the experience of going out on Halloween at least once! The kids were all dressed and ready to go. We had an array of costumes...a traffic light, static cling, a couple lions, a policeman, a bumble bee, a pumpkin, and a pink poodle!

Nolan is my shy boy...who quickly lost all shyness! He was eager to run from house to house, filling his bag with loot. The amount of candy should last us well into 2009. Considering we still have Easter candy left over!

Haddon was a cute bumble bee who knew how to work the door, asking for seconds on the candy....and he was too cute to say no to!

Towards the end of trick or treating, I went home with Haddon, Jamison, Paysie, and Joseph...while John continued on with Daniel, Jacob, Nolan and Gideon.

At one of those last houses, they stood there knocking, bags open and ready...yet no one answered. As they turned to go, the door finally opened and it was time to get more treats...wondering what had taken him so long to get to the door, Nolan asked him if he had been going to the bathroom, lol.

That's my Nolan!

It was a fun night...finished off with hot chocolate and marshmallows at home!

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