Friday, November 28, 2008


Our boys go to bed at 7pm. Haddon and Jamison go right to bed, lights out. Nolan and Gideon get to read in their beds until 8pm.

I'd be lying if I told you that all they do is read. They usually play church, sing some hymns, maybe even read out of their Bible. Once that is done, they begin practicing the best way to tackle someone when playing football. They call it: Playing Defense.

Have I mentioned that my boys are quite the sports fans?

Haddon and Jamison go down without a fight (most nights), while Nolan and Gideon really struggled in obeying us once the lights were out and it was time for peace and quiet.

A lot of times, it took 3 or 4 spanking sessions to bring the boys into obedience...which we like to call 'the circle'. You see, inside the circle, you are protected by God. There is peace, comfort, and you are safe. If you disobey, you have fallen outside the circle. There is trouble, fire, death and hell. The way to be brought back into the circle is to be have spankings and a talk to get to the heart issue that made you disobey in the first place.

It has now been 3 nights in a row of obedience and quiet. When we ask them why they think they have been going to bed so good and quiet, these are the answers we get:

Gideon: "Mommy, we are obeying because we prayed to God to not sin."

Nolan: "We are obeying because we want to obey to make you happy and please God."

I can really see them wanting and trying to obey us. It's not just their behavior can see their heart wanting to glorify God and there is nothing sweeter for a parent to experience.

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the Underdog said...

It was great to read this post this morning. We are in the trenches with our six children, savoring every tiny evidence of grace. Thanks for the encouragement. Pliable hearts are sweet indeed!