Sunday, January 18, 2009

5 months time flies!

Paysie is a my little talker. I think we may have to put her in the nursery at church next week! She can be quite a distraction, and I've had to get up with her.

She loves her jumperoo...

She continues to go to bed at 7-7:30pm and sleeps until 7:30am! A girl does need her beauty sleep :)

I have yet to feed her solids, but I did pick up a few jars of baby food to try out soon. It's funny because when I had Nolan, I couldn't wait to give him food. When it comes to #5, it's just one more thing that I have to do, lol. I like to wait as long as possible...hopefully the 6 month mark!

She is a joy to have! My girl has rolls on her rolls and the chunkiness is so adorable! I think she looks a lot like I did when I was a baby...finally, one who might look like me :)
1 month:

2 months:

3 months:

(I have a 4 month, but it's extremely dark because my camera was on its way out!)
5 months


Twisted Cinderella said...

She is such a cutie!

Thia said...

I hear you on the waiting for solids! We can't eat around here without her eyes following our forks and every bite. She's starting to a get a bit vocal while we're eating too. But I am determined that she will wait a few more weeks!