Friday, October 9, 2009

Is confessing sin ever supposed to be funny?

I was dumbfounded when I listened to this and heard the laughter erupt from the crowd as John Piper repented of his daily struggle with sin.

Why are they laughing and why would this ever be considered funny?

Here is what Desiring God has said about it:

Click here and listen to the first five minutes of a talk John Piper
gave at an American Counselor’s Conference last month. John Piper opens by
publicly confessing sins and failures that he has wrestled with over the years
and the only response that he receives from the audience is continued laughter.
How odd. Perhaps this is only another example of the spiritual state of
Christianity in America…

But really, is it any wonder that this happened in this very venue? When I looked to see who the other speakers were, it is easy to see how the seriousness of John Piper could easily be lost in the unBiblical integration of Scripture within the confines of so-called 'christian pop psychology'.

I was angered when I heard this and was appalled that those who consider themselves 'christian' would be so flippant and light-hearted about repentence and sin. This shows me a small glimpse into the state of those who integrate psychology and the Bible....and makes me wonder how 'christian' any of it really is.

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TheFancyFritter said...

VERY ODD! It's like they never got the hint either, that he was being serious! It was like a "laughing" revival! J/K...How sad and very disrespectful! :(