Saturday, October 17, 2009


The other day, I was at Walmart doing a bit of grocery shopping with the kids. As we were finishing up, we passed by the wall of Little Debbie snacks.

Nolan asked me if we could get some pecan wheels. I said sure....then I added...each one of you can pick out whichever box of treats you would like.

Joy was very present on each of my boys faces as they tried to decide which treat to choose. The possibilities are endless. Do I choose swiss cake rolls or Honey Buns? Oatmeal cookies or Fudge Cakes? Confetti Brownies or Boston Creme Cakes?

The pecan wheels ended up staying on the shelf. Nolan chose Fancy Cakes. Gideon ended up with Boston Creme Cakes. Haddon came home with mini chocolate covered donuts. At first, Jamison was excited over the Swiss Cake Rolls, but once he saw the Twinkies....he was so over the Swiss Cake Rolls.

I told the kids they would be able to have one of their treats if they ate all of their lunch.

We had our typical picnic lunch on the floor. You wouldn't believe how easy the clean up is when your children eat on a blanket on the floor! It's one less meal I don't have to sweep up after...I highly recommend you try it!

Anyway....the food was eaten lightning fast and the boxes were brought out for all to enjoy.

You would think that you would want the treat that you picked out. I found that to not be the case.

Yes, Gideon chose his Boston Creme Cakes. Yes, Haddon chose his donuts. Yes, Jamison chose his Twinkies. But Nolan wanted a Twinkie.....or a it a Tinkie? (For the life of him, he could not get a grip on the word Twinkie!)

Jamison had been very excited to get his Twinkie...until he saw Haddon and his mini fudge covered donuts.

The Twinkie was not good enough anymore. He proceeded to shove the entire Twinkie in his mouth while pointing to the donuts. He wanted donuts so badly.

Little did he know that he was not going to get a donut.

Jamison had a mouth full of Twinkie, yet that wasn't good enough. He wasn't enjoying what he had and wanted what he couldn't have. When I told him no, he cried and got upset....even while his mouth remained full of something that he should be savoring.

I saw myself in him.

How often are we like that?

God has so richly blessed us with such wonderful things. We have a house over our heads, food in our bellies, clothes to wear....and even more importantly, we have had our greatest need met through Christ's bloodshed on the cross.

But instead of being content in what we have, we stand at the foot of God, crying and whimpering with a mouth filled with blessing....and want more of something that we don't even need.


PaperCrank said...

Great post, Shannon!

TheFancyFritter said...

Wow! What a great illustration! I find having a child that I learn so many things about myself and how the Lord uses her to teach me! Thanks for the post!

p.s. Go grab a quick treat! There is no way those could stay in my house for long...I would eat them all! LOL