Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to my TWO year old girl!!

Oh how I love my Paysie-girl!

You are sooo much fun and love to imitate your mommy. The very moment I sit down, you are on my lap, giving me hugs and kisses. You always try to be so helpful, and you love to take wipe upon wipe to clean the floor, cupboards and walls.

Your brothers continue to dote on you...and even when you take something away from them, you are still referred to as a 'sweet girl'.

When I fold laundry, you are right there, naming who belongs to each piece of clothing that I continue to fold.

You like to call your baby brother YOUR baby...and love to hold and kiss him.

You have a love for trying on shoes...whether they are yours or not!

And when it comes to holding your own with your big brothers, you definitely can!! The squeals of escape, as you run away, tightly grasping something that doesn't belong to you, is endearing in its own special way!

Your cheeks and your curls bounce when you walk.

My girl, you are a joy to be the mommy of....even when you make a smelly mess at naptime...I don't think I need to be any more specific, we both know what I'm talking about!!

Your are mommy's little girl...and I am so happy to have a little girl to pass on the art of homemaking to. I can already see your interest in many girlie things and can't wait to teach you what it means to be a Biblical woman!

You are two years old and a joy to have as a daughter. I remember when you were born and can hardly believe how grown up you are.

I love you so much my sweetheart!

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