Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Things have been a bit a good way!

We traveled up to Maine for Christmas. The kids did great and in the two days we took to get here, we only stopped three times...yes, THREE TIMES! How amazing is that? In that time, I was able to crochet Paysie some booties to match her blanket that I finished in the car and two scarves. I also read the first several chapters of a Piper book that I have been wanting to read.

We woke up Wednesday morning to ice in New Jersey and the going was rough at first, but wasn't too bad once we got going.

Everyone was so happy to see the kids and meet Paysie!

We went to Amatos (a local Italian place) to eat on Christmas Eve...a tradition! And settled in, only to wake up before 7am by some excited little boys.

I was quite surprised to open a Canon Rebel that John got me. My camera was on its way out, and I thought that maybe he would get me a camera, but never thought he would get me a Rebel!! I'm still learning how to use it, but love it!

The day was filled with lots of food, family, and faith. We planned to have a devotional that afternoon....which turned into 6pm....and had printed up some booklets of hymns to sing to Jesus on His birthday. There is nothing sweeter than family gathering together to worship Him. John read out of Isaiah and it was just really nice how we were able to do that with people we don't see too often!

The boys were excited to see everyone and received lots of gifts :) My parents know how much the boys love to cook...

We really can't forget that it was Paysie's first Christmas! She just ate up the attention and was enjoyed by all!

To be cont'd....

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