Friday, December 5, 2008

Today we met Mike Huckabee!

Unfortunately, the one picture I have is on the internal memory on my camera, and I don't know how to get it off! Someone I met in line took one for me on my phone, but even that wasn't stored properly. I should be receiving a pic soon from one of these really nice ladies I met while waiting :)

Just believe me, I was there!

First off, I couldn't find the bookstore. Nolan and Gideon kept telling me that I should call up Mike Huckabee and ask him. But I thought that he probably doesn't know where he is either!

I'm not too familiar with Bristol, VA, and kinda wandered around exit 7 until I found it! Good thing I left early :)

We arrive and buy his book...then I am told I need a number to stand in line.

We were number 195.

I had Nolan, Gideon and Paysie with me. Jamison needed to nap and Haddon spent last night with a fever, and I wanted him resting today.

The boys were happy to wait in line...especially since we were in the map/atlas/geography/calendar section. When the line began to move, they discovered new things to look at and even spent awhile playing I Spy!

Then we could see him. The kids were excited and were pointing at him.

I shook his hand, and he asked how old the baby was. I told him almost 4 months old and that I had seen him when he was running for President at the airport with all my boys wearing their I Like Mike shirts. He said...she wasn't there, right? And I said, well, I was which he replied...Wow, that really puts it into perspective how long ago it was that he was running, lol.

He was very appreciative of our support. I can only hope that he runs again one of these days!

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Leslie said...

I tagged you. Maybe you could use this book!