Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What He Must Be...if he wants to marry my daughter

It was a cold winter night. Jack was sitting in front of the fire carefully lining up the pieces from his gun cleaning kit. He had cleaned his guns before, but tonight was different; tonight the cleaning had a dual purpose. One purpose was to see that his weapons were all in working order; the other was to scare the living daylights out of the sixteen-year-old young man who was scheduled to arrive at his door in the next half hour.

Jack was a tall, athletic man who kept himself in good shape. He often joked that he worked out constantly in preparation for this moment. He knew the day would come when a young man would come calling. that day had finally arrived. Jack's mind flooded with images. He smiled as he remembered the day he brought her home. No man had ever been happier or more proud. Now, in just the blink of an eye, young men had begun to come knocking.

At 6:59 the doorbell rang. It was Scott. He was right on time. Jack opened the door and greeted the young man, who had to wipe the sweat from his palms before shaking Jack's hand. "Come in," Jack said. There was more bass in his voice than usual. "Can I offer you something to drink?" Jack asked as he pointed to the chair across the room from his work station. "No thanks, I'm fine," Scott replied as he looked nervously at the assortment of firearms lying on the table in front of him.

Jack sat down, picked up his two-tone Kimber Custom .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol, and proceeded to field-strip and clean the weapon. As he ran his bore snake through the steel, matchgrade barrel, he asked Scott, "Do you have any idea how much she means to me?" Scott, mouth hanging wide open and eyes as wide as saucers, could only manage to nod his head. "Good," Jack continued. "I just want to make sure we're on the same page." Scott shook his head more vigorously. "Do you remember what time I told you to have her back?" "Yes, sir- 11:30," Scott blurted out, finally able to produce audible sounds. "Don't worry, sir. I'll take good care of her and get her back long before that."

Jack stood up, walked up the stairs and disappeared. Moments later he reappeared. This was the moment Jack had waited for. He could barely contain himself. Resolved that he had done everything he could do to impress upon this young man the importance of taking freat care and showing the utmost respect for his baby, Jack turned around, reached into his pocket, and handed the young man the keys to his brand new 6.5 liter, 12 cylinder All Wheel Drive, $354,000 Lamborghini Mucielago. "I want her back without as much as a scratch," he said as the young man started toward the garage.

Of course, the story above is completely absurd. Who, you ask, would give the keys to a brand-new Lamborghini Mucielago to a sixteen-year-old young man? Well, I have a better question. Who would be foolish enough to think their daughter was worth less than any car? It should be unthinkable for us to turn our daughters over to this young man as it is to contemplate giving him a depreciating piece of metal. However, we have come to prize sports cars much more highly than we do daughters these days.

I believe modern dating is no more than glorified divorce practice.

an excerpt from Voddie Baucham's newest book "What He Must Be...if he wants to marry my daughter"

I urge all parents to read this book!


Stacy Gibbs said...

Wow!! That is an awesome excerpt! I love Voddie!! My hubby actually got to see him this last weekend at the True Church Conference in Muscle Shoals, AL. I wanted to go so bad but couldn't go without my nursing baby. He said it was great though! I got the book and booties in the mail today! They are so cute and we can't wait to dig into this great book! Thanks again!! Have a great day and I hope your kiddos are all getting better soon!

Shannon said...

The first time we ever saw Voddie was at the Desiring God conference a few years ago. We loved him!

My husband wants sooo badly to visit Muscle Shoals someday...we have such respect for Paul Washer and Jeff Noblit!

You could always do what I do when it comes to conferences...bring your baby with you! I've brought a baby along to several conferences now :)

I'm so happy you got your booties...I felt so bad it took me forever to get them out! It's not the easiest thing to bring 5 kids to the post office!

Stacy Gibbs said...

Oh girl! It was no problem! I know..My husband called me and was like there are babies here...I was like What? Oh man!!..LOL..Maybe next time I guess! Well have a great night and I'll ttyl! bye!