Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heresy by Javon Mackenzy

Because of his boldness he’s had problems getting signed by record labels, but his music and theology are ROCK SOLID. You can purchase the entire 18 track CD entitled ‘The Narrow Road’ at Javon’s myspace…


millerhomestead said...

Shannon, how do I post some of these on my blog? I don't know how, I am kind of new to blogging and pretty pathetic at it to be honest. Could you help. I am very thankful for your boldness on here! God bless, Jamie

Shannon said...

The way you post a video is you need to get the embed code, which is usually right next to the url.

You have to copy and paste the embed code into your blog post, under the edit html...not the compose side.

Hit post and voila!

Thanks for reading :)