Sunday, August 9, 2009

A trip to Sam's Club

I haven't had to buy toilet paper in at least 6 years. The last time I can remember...I believe Nolan was a baby. He is now 7.

On Saturday, I put Paysie down for a nap. Jamison was in the high chair with a snack.

One by one, I had Nolan, Gideon and Haddon, each sneak down the stairs to put their shoes on, and then proceed to get in the van.

Why did we sneak? (you might ask!)

Well, if we had announced we were going, it would have created some weeping and gnashing of poor little Jamison's teeth, since he was NOT going with us!

We proceeded to head out to enjoy a tax-free shopping trip for some back to (home)school items, as well as the dreaded toilet paper purchase.

After all of this, I still haven't told you why it's been so long since I've bought toilet paper....well, my husband used to be able to buy it by the case from his employer. But then he was let-go (or should I say fired...something that I will not go into, but believe me when I say to you that it was all on the up and up and was not his fault!)

The last time I looked into our pantry closet...we were down to 2 rolls. That was last week, so I was pretty confident that we were closing in on having to start using paper towels...that is, if I didn't purchase more!


After a few stores, we get to Sam's Club. At first I wandered around lost, since I have no idea where the tp is. Not only is it because they changed the layout of the store around, but also because I have never needed to know where it is!

I finally find it. I tried calling John to see if it was a good price. I don't know what the going rate of tp is nowadays...what, with inflation and all. But, I couldn't get ahold of him, so I picked the cheapest and hoped that it was a good decision. I don't know about you, but I really don't need to have fluffy pillow top's not like I'm going to be sleeping on it!

I lug the tp into the cart.

Nolan looks at it and asks me what bath tissue is. I told him it is just another name for tp.

He got a sly look on his face...and replied, "I know what bath tissue is. Let's say you are in the bath tub and then you sneeze. You might say...oh, I need some bath tissue!"

We were all laughing at that one.

I said, "Nolan, you always make me laugh. I am so happy that you are my boy."

To which he said, "Yeah, and I'm so happy that you are my woman."

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip with my boys, even if I had to buy tp.

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NeedANap2 said...

I can't remember the blog post (I think I read it last week) about purchasing tp for .01 or less per sq ft. Take the package size (my Northern 6 rolls here) 225 sq ft so I would want to pay $2.25 or less (just move the decimal over two places in the sq ft). This tp was on sale $2.50 (not good price) but had store coupons out for $1 so the price was $1.50 (good price!!). :)