Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"I got angry at my daughter the other day".....

I read this article by Rick Thomas a few months ago, and stumbled on it again today.  Here are a couple quotes....

"In that moment I disqualified myself from helping her. Her sin was swept away by my sin. She was no longer thinking about her sin. She was thinking about and focused on my sin. She was forced to think about me and my displeasure in her."

"God’s grace is sufficient for any situation regardless of what it is. People’s sins are not greater than God’s grace. Therefore, the big question to work through, if you regularly sin in response to sin, is why is God’s grace not sufficient?

When I respond to sin by sinning, I am getting caught up in the sin that is going on rather than the grace that can be appropriated through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. When my daughter’s sin trumps the work of God in my life, then the Gospel is anemic in that moment."

As a mom to many little ones...it is very easy to get caught up in the way I want things done, rather than trying to show my children the grace they need.  This article is a great reminder that our children need grace from us, especially in their disobedience!

I got angry at my daughter the other day

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