Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Mommy we still gotta do devotions!"

said my Nolan before bed.

He had just brushed his teeth and saw that it was close to bedtime.

I told him that I hadn't forgotten and thanked him for remembering!

Since John is at church, I sat down with my four little men on the couch, clutching our old hymnal.

"Okay, what should we sing first?"

Three resounding 'Holy Holy Holy!!'

So we began....Holy, Holy, Holy...Lord God Almighty...

It was the first time that ALL three of them joined in together.

There is nothing that warms a mommy's heart more, than hearing her little ones sing praise to God.

We then read our daily devotion "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy". Nolan volunteered to read the whole thing. He is a very good leader when daddy is not here.

We prayed...and Nolan said to me..."Mommy, I like to pray and sing now."

We sang "Jesus Loves Me", but it was decided that we had to sing one more since that song was just too short.

We ended with "Amazing Grace"...again listening to my little boys singing to their Father.

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