Monday, May 26, 2008

My surprise Baby Shower

On Saturday, I went to what I thought was a family picnic/birthday party for my nephew. What I didn't know was that it was also a baby shower for me too! No one gave any hints, and I really had no idea...though when you live out of town...any gathering that includes your entire've gotta be wondering, ya know?

My sister made the most beautiful cake:

And she made the most adorable 'Lady Bug' themed diaper cake! (She should start a business!)

My mom crocheted pink baby booties that have magnets on one side to hang on your fridge! Payson gets a little pink set to wear!

It was a really great day. Payson received some new outfits, a blanket crocheted special for her by her Great-Meme, a couple blankets, some extra cash so mommy can go out shopping, and a bunch of other pink stuff!

And just so ya know...I am NOT taking apart my diaper cake!! We will pack around....okay, John....PLEASE?!?!?

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