Friday, November 6, 2009

Gideon is in the ICU

The surgery went really well and they were over before we expected them to be! We received a call after about 3-1/2 hours, that they were done and that it would be about an hour before they were done finishing up.

Dr Boop visited us in our room at about 12:45ish and said that they were able to get all of the tumor removed. There was no excess bleeding and there was no need for blood transfusions. He said that he couldn't have asked for a better surgery.

We've been by his bedside for a few hours now. He looks so helpless on the bed...but is recovering well. He is following commands to squeeze hands and moving his legs and feet. He is responsive to his name and to questions and tries to talk, but his throat is probably a little sore.

He was given a shot of morphine around 2ish or so, since he was getting a little agitated due to pain. I'm sure that's not helping with his attentiveness.

His eyes are a little uncoordinated. We spoke to one of the assisting surgeons and he said it was most probably due to a little swelling in his brain from where they removed the tumor. He said that during the surgery, Dr Boop was very careful not to damage anything, and he would be surprised if it were anything but swelling. There are obviously no guarantees, so prayers for the swelling to go down in the next couple of days is appreciated.

He has a slight fever that peaked at 103.3 and they gave him Tylenol and Motrin, and are now administering ice packs to lower his temp....which is working. They were able to give him the Motrin through his mouth and it's a great sign that he can swallow and has no problems with that. Nurse Corrie said that it was very normal for this to happen after surgery, and they would be more concerned for a high temp a few days from now.

Gideon squeezes my hand when I ask him to. He opens his eyes when I call his name. He should be much more awake in the next day or two...I can't wait to really hold my Giddy again.

In the morning, he'll be going in for an MRI and then hopefully, he'll be back in our room.

Continue praying for his healing and recovery.


Lauren said...

Crying with joy, praising God, and still praying!! :)

holmesscott said...

Glory to God for the short time it took. Praying for the swelling to go down and healing from the Father.