Sunday, November 15, 2009

We are home!

During the daily 6:30am rounds, the Dr told us that because of Gideon's improvement, we were able to be discharged!

We decided to take two days to drive home, and we arrived yesterday!

It was so great to see my other children. Two weeks seemed like way too long for a mommy to be away from her little ones!

We are slowly settling in and await a surprise visit from Gramma and Grampa from Maine! Gideon has kept the secret and when John gets home with the other boys, they will be in for quite a shock!

God has blessed us so greatly, I am often overwhelmed to tears.


Radagast said...

Praise God!

Crystal said...

I just randomly found your blog through searching for a picture of noel piper's advent calendar! Your blog happened to pop up :) so then I just read a couple of your recent blog posts... and praise God that your little boy is doing alright! I'm actually a pediatric oncology nurse here in Minneapolis.. I go to John Piper's church. So I thought it was awesome that God brought me to your site. I see you talk about the Piper's a lot! and a lot of other people i like too :)

again... I'm so glad your boy is home now!