Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hopefully, we'll be out by the weekend

That is our hope...only if Gideon is thought to be ready by the Dr's! They will be discussing his discharge today at their daily meeting.

Gideon is much more steady, though he is unable to sit or stand on his own yet. His coordination is getting better, though he is still a bit shaky. His walking is improving, though he can't walk by himself.

He did great yesterday in physical therapy, and is surprising us at each chance he gets!

We are so proud of him. He wants to go home and get better so badly, that he puts forth huge amounts of effort.

His days are brightened by video calls with Gramma and Grampa in Maine.

We are seeing our Gideon peak through more and more, and I have the feeling, once we get home, we are going to have to hold him back from activity for his own safety...and he's going to want to just go go go!

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