Monday, September 15, 2008

About Homeschooling....

I'm not talking to myself...I'm having a parent-teacher conference.


Mrs. Jo said...


How did you find my blog?

I'm adding yours to my favorites since every single thing in your sidebar described me as well! I bet we'd be great buddies if we lived near each other? By the way, what state do you live in?

Congrats on the little girl. I bet you are thrilled to see pink this time around after 4 boys. The kids names are all neat! I know a gal in town going with the "un" sound at the end of her kids names too. Her boys are Logan, Mason, and Colton.

You'll have to do a series sometime on surviving 5 kids 6 and under!

Anna said...

Oh, ok Shannon. How did the meeting go?!? lol.