Sunday, September 28, 2008

DG 2008

The conference is over. (insert sad face here)

It was incredible...and yet again, I am overwhelmed with all of the information I have received over the past few days.

But, I do get to see John Piper in a couple weeks in Chicago, so that is something to look forward to :)

I'll share more of our time in Minneapolis are some links if you want to listen to the speakers and/or read some summaries on what they spoke about.

I definitely recommend you listen to Bob Kauflin and Mark Driscoll!

Sinclair Ferguson: 20 Resolutions on Taming the Tongue

Bob Kauflin: 3 Ways Singing Serves the Word

Mark Driscoll: Pray More Than You Criticize

Dan Taylor: 12 Reasons Story is the Best Way to Think of the Life of Faith

Paul David Tripp: Diagnosis adn Deliverence in this Deadly War of Words

John Piper: 5 Benefits of Christian Eloquence

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Mrs. Jo said...

Thanks for these links. You can bet I'll be listening to them over the coming days. CAn you believe I've never heard a message by Mark Driscoll yet? I've heard some people don't like him, so of course I'm anxious to listen to him speak!
Glad you had a fun time.