Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I apologize

In church tonight, my delicate little girl decided to interrupt my women's class with the sound that can only come from a diaper.

Do I really need to say anything more?

I deeply apologize for the interruption.


Thia said...

My daughter has never been shy about that. Each and every time she lets the world know.

Mrs. Jo said...

Funny! Today Justus passed gas so loudly I must have jumped a foot!

I'm in central Wyoming so I doubt we'll meet up anytime soon. But it's great to meet you in the blog world! My hubby is from Northern MN and that's where we met. We went to the Twin Cities a few times during my time in MN and the highlight of our trip would be going to Bethlehem Baptist on a Sunday! Thrilling! You and your hubby sound a lot like us! Maybe one of these days we'll have to go to the Desiring God conference too!

Anna said...

Oh Shannon, it was actually a comic relief moment. Reminding us ladies of the human, and quite humbling, side of us.

She's absolutely precious. :)