Friday, January 11, 2008

The end of another era

Jamison is weaned.

I started this process back when he turned a year old. I cut out his day feedings. Now, he had already been eating table food and was happy with that, but wasn't taking much milk, so I nursed. Then a few weeks later, I took away his morning feedings.

It was a nice feeling to be able to let John get the kids up once in awhile, without me having to feed the little man.

Then last night, I decided to just stop. I put him to bed with a cup with a small amount of milk in it, and he screamed for maybe a minute or two (out of sheer anger), rolled over and went to sleep.

I think it always affects mommy more. It is very nice to have my body back to myself...well, as much to myself as it can be when you are expecting :) It's nice to have that freedom, no matter how fleeting, to go out and not be on a feeding schedule with a baby.

I am dreading the day that my last child is weaned, knowing that it will be the last time I ever nurse a baby. That seems so far in the future, it is hard to grasp right now! I know that before I know it, those days will be here! Oh, the day when I don't have to worry about diapers! I don't have the sentimental attachment to diapers like I do with nursing, lol.

It's all part of being a mom. Jamison won't be looking back on this day the way that I am. He won't even remember...but I will. There is a special bond between mom and babe. I can still recall the first time I held him and instinct took over as he leaned toward me and fed.

We are moving on, and he is growing up. He started walking and hasn't stopped! The transition between baby and toddler seems to have happened overnight. I know that when our new baby arrives, he will have grown up so much more. It usually happens when mom is in the hospital...all of a sudden your youngest is a little boy, instead of the baby you left behind when you were in labor!

I am so thankful to have had those moments with you, my sweet boy.

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