Monday, January 7, 2008

Since it's starting to get obvious and nearly impossible to cover up...

Baby Jordan...due to arrive 8/8/08!

This puts me at nearly 10 weeks along :)

Surprised or just waiting for the announcement?


Melanie said...

Wow, Shannon. YOu know how to keep a secret. Congrats!!

Dana said...

congratulations!! How exciting for you!

angela said...

NO WAY!!! You are the best secret keeper!!! Yay!! Congratulations.

Shannon said...

I almost spilled the beans several times...but I wanted to wait until I was able to hear the heartbeat!

Thank goodness, I got my doppler delivered yesterday, and I was able to listen to it!!

Kyle said...


How amazing are you??? I cannot even begin to imagine being responsible for so many little lives. but you guys do it so well--CONGRATULATIONS!!

oh yeah. and I'm a loser which is why I didn't get my address to you before the holiday. Wait...did you get my email? I put it it there. So, never mind...I'm not such a loser afterall. :)

Wow...Shannon. Wait until Kyle hears this!