Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Works for me Wednesday...the best seasoning EVER!

A couple of years ago, my aunt did something peculiar. She wrapped up a seasoning and gave it to my mom on Christmas. My mom thought she was a little wrapping a seasoning? That was, until she used it!

I was blessed enough to get some in my stocking this year!

If this is the only seasoning you put in any of your'll be fine! Last night for dinner, I made chicken sprinkled with this stuff. I cut potatoes into some wedges, sprinkled with this stuff...then had some green beans, you guessed it...sprinkled with this stuff!


Now, you can't find this in stores...only from a particular restaurant's website. I highly recommend everyone trying this out...people will compliment your cooking like never before!

Here is where you can purchase it Columbia Restaurant!

Enjoy! (and thanks mom!)

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Barbaranne said...

This will be a silly question- but how did you get the pictures of the books you are reading onto your blog?? I added that feature today, but can only type in the titles- not too awfully web savvy here.

I expect to return to read your blog more often- have only just discovered it, but we have much in common- books, beliefs, kids...

You can contact me through my own blog-, or another comment right here which will forward to my email.


Shannon said...

There is way when you customize your blog to add a that is what I did. You can change the order of your sidebar. I used the help key a lot when I first set up my blog!

Lauren said...

Shannon thank you for the kind remarks on the seasoning. My family owns the restaurant and we feel the same way about it! You can't believe it till you try it...even on your scrambled eggs!! Congrats on your family with one more on the way. I am six weeks along with our #4.
Lauren Gonzmart Schellman, 5th generation Columbia Restaurant

ttelroc said...

Very cool - I live in Jacksonville - I may have to just go to the restaurant and check it out. If it wasn't for WFMW I would have never known!

Thanks so much. I'm #43 on this weeks WFMW - Clean Shower tips!

Have a Great Day!

Barbaranne said...

Thank you! I'm all over it now!