Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

When we travel to Maine for Christmas, I always hope that we will get some snow. Since we live in Tennessee, the kids miss out on building snowmen, making snow angels and having snowball fights. When I say we have had some snow while we've been here, I should probably say PUMMELED!

We arrived the day before Christmas Eve and there was snow. That night there was some rain that kind of melted some of the ice down and the kids weren't able to go play in the snow because of the icy layers. Then last week, IT started. We got several inches at the end of the week...then on Sunday/Monday, we got some 10 inches more....quickly followed by yesterday's storm that gave us another 8-10 inches!

It has been crazy!!

Here is my parent's house yesterday, inbetween's hard to tell, but it was snowing when I took the picture!

My dad went out with the kids yesterday for a couple of hours! I was surprised they lasted that long since it was 26 degrees out!!! They loved it! There was sledding (Nolan refers to it as the 'rocket ride), there was a walk, there was a snow fort, shoveling, snowball fights, the annual "King of the Hill Battle" and just A LOT of FUN!!!

Here's Haddon loving it!

My niece, Cosette, pulling Gideon in the sled in the backyard.

Nolan trying to shovel.

Gideon and Haddon...don't they look cold? lol

Here's Nolan, climbing up to the front door...look at the size of that snow bank! My parents have a special interlocking metal roof that the snow slides off of. When the snow gets out! It sounds like an avalanche falling off the roof!

This was taken on Sunday before the last TWO storms hit! They were able to make a snowman :)

My rosy-cheeked Giddy!

This is what I woke up to this morning!

This was the first time that the kids have really spent a long time playing in the snow. They went out last year, but there wasn't nearly as much snow for them to mess around in!

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