Saturday, June 7, 2008

How do people find my blog?

I often like to go to my sitemeter and see how people found me. It's always interesting when they find me through their searches on google.

I think the most interesting I've seen yet are:

  1. pregnant woman in leotard (um, sorry, no pics)
  2. mouse squished between toes (ewww)
  3. quotes that start with smell of death (morbid?)
  4. how to decorate lover's room (wha??)

Who would have thought?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Hoot! I thought I was the only one who ever read those obscure statistics. I was just reading through my "recent keyword activity" and saw these phrases as recent search phrases which brought up my blog...
Mexican Mother's feet, comparing girls' feet, beautiful thick feet, and (my personal favorite) sniffing Mom's feet. Who comes up with these things??? LOL.

Have a great weekend!