Saturday, June 14, 2008

My mommy radar is alive and well!

Imagine this....

You are asleep in your bed. You have the ceiling fan whirling above you. The door to your room is closed. Your husband is snoring ever-so-slightly (ha) next to you.

But, for some reason, you are awakened. You sit straight up in bed and listen again. You immediately know that one of your children is calling for you and is crying.

It's Nolan. He is all the way downstairs in the basement, yet you were still able to hear his whimper.

It's called Mommy Radar!

You see, it is something that a mom is blessed with. It is very rare for a daddy to have...I'm not sure there has been even one well-documented occurrence. Which is not a just isn't one of their gifts.

A mom can be watching television and immediately press mute, and though dad has no idea why...when he hears the sound of a child crying, he knows he has yet again experienced Mommy Radar!

Now that Nolan is settled in on the couch after his vomitting episode. His sheets, pillow, and blankets are in the washer, in the process of getting cleaned....and here I sit, waiting to see if he throws up again.

I thank God for my mommy radar. It's comforting to know that in the midst of whatever a mommy might be doing, she has super sensitive hearing when it comes to her children.

I almost feel like I should don a cape.

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