Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh, what a morning

For our family devotions, we begin by singing a hymn or two from an old hymnbook I had gotten last year from ebay. It is very old, and I bought it so that I could remove pages from it, frame our favorites, and hang them on the wall. We have a wall of hymns in our dining room.

The only problem with that, is our hymnbooks are missing our favorites because they are no longer in the book!

Last week, John went to a local bookstore...the kind that smells like old books the moment you walk in. He purchased 3 matching hymnbooks, so the kids would have an easier time singing along.

The boys were so excited to get new hymnbooks!

This morning, Nolan wanted to go on the computer, and I thought to show him Cyber Hymnal. We sang several hymns together, and when I went to take my shower, he remained at the computer, singing his favorite hymns.

When I came back out this is what he said to me:
"Hey mommy! I have a great idea! How about we sing hymns ALL DAY LONG?!?"

What could I possibly have said other than:
"That sounds like a GREAT idea!"


Thia said...

What an excellent idea! We go to used book stores fairly often and I will keep my eyes open for such a find. We tend to do our singing together at night before bedtime and one of us gets the hymnal while the other person used the cyber version. This works while the kids are so young, but they're growing.

Stephanie said...

i love it!!!