Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Shack

Last fall, I won a book from a giveaway hosted on someone's blog. I had no idea what the book was about, just that the blogger who was giving it away raved about it and how it changed her life.

I received it in the mail and there it sat on my shelf for months, collecting dust.

Until I saw that Tim Challies had done an indepth review on it here.

I decided to grab it off the shelf and bring it with me on our trip to Maine a few weeks ago. I read it on the way up.

My only recommendation is to read what Tim says about it. It is a novel that many seem to fall in love with...yet, there are so many theological flaws in it. When I read it, I was dumbfounded at some of what was said. I have huge problems with the way it depicts the trinity, the way it misrepresents Scripture, and the way that it directly contradicts Scripture.

If you read it, be aware of these things. It is scary that so many people read this book and feel closer to God because of it...when it reality, the God of this book is not the God of the Bible.

I know that this book is not supposed to be a book on systematic theology. The problem I have is that it is being elevated as such by the church.

Read Challies' review...then read the book. Have your Bible handy and it will be easy to see why a lot of people are concerned about it's popularity.

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Anna said...

You may want to go onto Al Mohler's website. He did a whole show on this book. I have read it as well. It's repackaged mysticism.