Thursday, June 12, 2008

I rent movies...a lot of movies

When John is out of town (like he has been since Sunday), that's time for me to rent movies. A few weeks ago, when he was gone, I had great success at choosing cute movies that I would have no issue recommending to people.

This choices took a turn for the worse.

I guess if I have never heard of a particular movie, there is probably a reason why. I've figured out that reason. Because they are just BAD MOVIES.

It's pretty bad when I have had to just turn off the movie because of the content...I really need to do more research and read the back covers more closely. Last night I was 0-2 and couldn't watch either movie all the way through.

I hope next week brings better flicks.

And if you have any recommendations on what I should rent...please share!


Erin said...

PS I Love You was pretty good...but the book is even better! It does have some language in it, though. is a great website to let you know about the content of a movie but it also tells you the whole plot, so it can be a spoiler.

Anonymous said...

The last two movies I saw were Juno and Bella. The latter is better than the former. I didn't really like Juno at all.

Shannon said...

I saw PS I love you...that was quite the tear jerker!

I've also seen Bella (really good) and Juno (I thought the language was a bit crass, but the overall message was good).

I've gone to, and that usually gives me a pretty good idea...but they only give the top 10 new releases. Unless I am looking for a specific movie by name, I don't find that very helpful!

NeedANap2 said...

Look around on a little more. On the movies page there is a sidebar with more movies. There is a section for current movies and a section for Video/DVD.

I didn't care for PS I Love You (thought it added unnecessary s*x) but it was very touching and sad. I don't think I've ever cried on a plane before. I'm sorta glad it was free. :)

Enchanted was great. I liked Juno. I haven't seen Bella yet.

National Treasure 2 was good too (also free on the plane). My husband liked I Am Legend (I didn't watch it).

I don't know if you can search or "recommend choices" on plugged in - maybe you could suggest it!

Teana said...

I loved The Bucket List!

NeedANap2 said...

Oh, I forgot. My husband and I both enjoyed Gone Baby Gone. Though there is a lot of language (honestly, I probably didn't recognize half of it b/c it's slang), it presents a very good ethical/moral conundrum.

I watched The Notebook last night for the first time - very very good (though I could've done without the premarital s*x but I wasn't surprised by it). Also, I can recommend Music & Lyrics (the teen singer is more explicit than my naive/sheltered eyes are used to but the characters point out how ridiculous it is so it was kinda funny) - the first time I watched it on a Girls' Night at the theater so it didn't seem that bad but watching it at home with my husband was kinda weird.