Friday, June 20, 2008

A quote

There is no nobler career than that of motherhood at its best. There are no possibilities greater, and in no other sphere does failure bring more serious penalties. With what diligence then should she prepare herself for such a task? If the mechanic who is to work with "things" must study at technical school, if the doctor into whose skilled hands will be entrusted human lives must go through medical school... how much more should the mother who is fashioning the souls of the men and women of tomorrow, learn at the highest of all schools and from the Master-Sculptor Himself, God? To attempt this task uprepared and untrained is tragic, and its results affect generations to come. On the other hand there is no higher height to which humanity can attain than that occupied by a converted, heaven-inspired, praying mother.

~Anonymous (quoted in The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot)

I have to say that this quote is very convicting. Motherhood is not something that is done last minute with no planning. Instead, it should force me to open my Bible more to be better trained to raise my children.

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