Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Giddy!

Dear Gideon,
Has it really been four years?
You have been talking about your birthday for weeks and it is finally here. You chose to have carrot cake and chocolate ice cream!

The first words out of your mouth this morning was wondering if there were balloons hanging up...and you weren't disappointed!

I pray that as you continue to grow, you continue to reach out to Jesus. Last night, when you awoke, scared in the called out to me. You were so scared. I told you to call out to Jesus, and He would comfort you.

And you prayed...."Jesus, please help me."

Such a simple prayer that is easily forgotten in our lives. We think we can depend upon ourselves for safety and comfort...but you knew. Just call out to Jesus, and He will help!

You quickly closed your eyes, and you were fast asleep, before I could even get back into my own bed. I cherish these moments with you. I thank the Lord that I am your mother. When I heard your cries, it was hard for me to want to get out of bed...but I am here to be mommy and it was my bed that was getting in the way.

I love you so much my little four year old boy!

Love, Mommy

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angela said...

That made me cry. You have the power. =)