Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yes, I have my hands full

My boys and I go everywhere together. It is out of our norm if I am by myself, and though it happens every now and then, I almost don't know what to do with myself. They love going out. We have out own routine that suits us.

If we go to Target, I'll treat them to popcorn and a drink....for a dollar, each child (excluding the baby of course!) gets a bag 1/3 filled with popcorn and they share the drink.

If we go to the mall, I will usually let them share a gum ball and maybe an ice cream cone if I really want to surprise them.

If we go to Walmart, they get their free cookies, they get to see the lobsters, and poke the eyes of the dead fish in the seafood areas!

All of this aside, I get many many comments from just about everyone I see. So let me take this time to answer a few questions and comments.

*Yes, my hands are full...but not as full as my heart is.
*No, I don't run a day care.
*Yes, they are all mine.
*Yes, if God decides to bless us again, we will have more children.
*No, we didn't try for a girl, we tried for a baby and look at how blessed we have been!
*Yes, my life is busy...and I wouldn't have it any other way.
*No, I don't have it bad.

These are just a few answers to some comments that I have gotten...when did having more than two children become taboo?

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Melanie said...

I like your answer to "my hands are full". I'm getting "You sure are going to be a busy lady" or "It looks like your hands will be full". I'll have to form a response like yours, letting the person know how blessed I am; that it's an honor to have a full quiver, that there is nothing wrong with being busy (who would want a lazy wife?!?!?).