Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's a go, I repeat, it's a GO!

(When I said that, I felt kind of like Jack Bauer!)

Being the mother of four, it can be difficult to find a sitter....especially when you want to go out of town for 5 days. Everyone we asked had something that got in the a heavy course load this semester, or having to work and not being able to take time off, or having to go to a wedding, or having to dog-sit....the list could go on.

We were getting very discouraged. We bought our plane tickets and registered for the Desiring God conference and the thought that we might not be able to use them about made us start to cry!

Then I spoke to an angel. Okay, not really an angel, more like my sister. I asked her if she could watch the kids, and she accepted and is looking forward to it! The catch is that she lives 1000 miles away. We will make an autumn trip to Maine and fly to Minneapolis from my home state.

I started to think this whole dilemma through. Should it really be this difficult to find someone to watch your children? Should we just expect that with 4 young children, we need to hold off on going out of town? Is the current church community really the way the Bible intended church community to be?

It just makes me wonder. What if our society raised up the calling of motherhood and being keepers of the home? Would we still have had this problem in finding a caretaker for our little ones?

These are things I will ponder while I am several thousand feet above the Earth, on my way to see Piper.

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