Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Smoking cigars to the glory of God!

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was a man who enjoyed a good cigar. In the past, I have found it interesting to read about Spurgeon, the man who (much to many people's dismay...not gonna name names here Reggie) smoked cigars.

Sacred Sandwich has a great advertisement.

Here is a quote (not sure if it's been validated, but I still find it amusing)

Spurgeon: I'll quit cigars if it becomes excessive.
Parishioner: What's excessive?
Spurgeon: Two cigars at a time.

Um, John...are you excessive?

The Spurgeon Archive is a great resource. Here is a quote:

All the world knows that Mr. Spurgeon now and again enjoyed a cigar. Not a few caricatures represented him smoking a pipe, but he never used a pipe all the years I knew him. His shrewd reply to the gentleman who "had heard he smoked, but could not believe it to be true," and asked Mr. Spurgeon to satisfy him, is choice: "I cultivate my flowers and burn my weeds."


Melanie said...

My husband thought this post was very amusing, as you could probably guess. He's pining right now, actually, about not having a cigar and wanting one. Oiy.

R C said...

I just read Hutchings response to Spurgeon's defense of smoking. Wow


Michael David said...

I am a child of God and enjoy this liberty as well. I thought your site was amusing and your web links and authors to be very similar to my wife and my. Praise the Lord we are free from sin and not to it. If you wish to see my cigar blog it is "2cigarsamonth.blogspot.com." My other blog is "thedavidohana.blogspot.com" God bless.