Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Adventures in Christmas Cookie Baking

I had such dreams. I let each of the boys choose their own cookie cutter yesterday at the store. Nolan chose a gingerbread man, Gideon chose a snowman, and Haddon chose a Christmas tree.

Oh, they were so excited. They kept asking me when they would be able to use them. I kept saying "Tomorrow" and their impatience grew.

This morning, they woke up wanting to make cookies.

As a mommy who loves to bake...can you ask anything more of your children than for them to want to bake too?

We made the sugar cookie dough yesterday, so there it waited.

I had such hopes of taking pictures of my boys, dusted in flour, creating their cookies. I memorable...making Christmas cookies with my boys.

But instead, this is what happened....

"Mommy! He took my cookie cutter!"

"No! This is mine! You can't have it!"

"Can we just make cookies already??? I'm getting kinda bored."

They didn't last I made cookies all by myself.

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