Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmas

We had a great day! There was fun, games, laughter and family. It is so nice to get together with everyone.

The kids were adorable. Haddon felt like he had to carry around all of his gifts, which he couldn't quite handle and was dropping them left and right and was getting very frustrated. They have a train table yet to see since we left it in Tennessee. They did get conductor hats and their own trains, so they will be quite surprised when we get back home :)

I got the boys each a corn cob pipe. They were VERY happy and VERY cute!

Yes, I didn't get many pictures of Jamison, but he was there. He was feeling a bit under the weather and ended up sleeping away about 4-1/2 hours of the day. With the noise and organized chaos that is often any of the Kelly family gatherings, it was amazing he slept that long. He is feeling better now though....I am still hacking up several lungs a day though!

We had an excellent ham and an array of other goodies to eat. We had quite a full house. We had upwards of 30 people eating, playing games and sleeping....all at the same time!

John was pretty surprised to receive the most awesome watch in the world, lol. brother Chris, hugging my mom after the reading of a very sentimental card.

My mom made my niece, Cosette, and my niece, Ashtyn, dolls for Christmas. The pictures don't do them justice! They are just toooooo cute!

After an exciting game of 'I'm Satisfied', it came down to the Mem vs my mom. They shook hands and the play continued. Mem was the winner, much to my mom's dismay!

We finished our day with a rip roaring game of Quelf...but that definitely deserves its own entry!

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