Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jamison, my littlest man (12/9)

My dear sweet Jamison,

You are one year old. I can't believe how quickly this past year has flown by. And now, my baby is ONE!

You are such a happy boy...always ready for a smile. It won't be long until you are walking, and your mommy is filled with pride as she watches you learn and grow.

Last night you were sick. My little boy had his first real bout with sickness on his birthday. I hate to see my boys not feeling well. You clung to me as I held you. You laid on me as you rested and your stomach settled. You were so tired and went right to sleep. You didn't struggle to be freed. Those are the moments that a mommy treasures.

I thank God for you, my Jamison Tyndale. May He always protect you and keep you. May you always know that mommy and daddy love you very much.

Happy First Birthday!


Our First Picture together

And my life began as a mommy to four....


angela said...

I hope he is feeling better. Such a sweet boy.

Shannon said...

We just got back from the Doctor's. She couldn't find anything wrong with him, aside from the fact that he has been crying on and off all morning for no reason!

Thankfully, now he's sleeping. He won't touch any food and doesn't even want to nurse much at all.

We're having a small party for him tomorrow...hope he is better for that!

Melanie said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear he's not feeling well. Do you think he had what Haddon had? We're looking forward to seeing you tonight!!!

Shannon said...

He seems fine's just weird that he was screaming and could not be consoled yesterday morning.

I'm looking forward to seeing you too :)