Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I write this as I relax in a nice warm (I use that word loosely as I am bundled up cause I am a bit chilled) house in Maine!

We ended up leaving Saturday afternoon and made it here yesterday around 5:15pm! Overall, it was a great trip! The kids were soooooo good in the car. Our trip took us about 16 hours....compared to last Christmastime it took us over 19 hours. That is the difference between traveling with a 3 week old vs a one year old who doesn't nurse every 3 hours :)

I will have some pictures of the drive up for you soon. I haphazardly snapped some shots while we were on the road. I got a couple cute ones too.

When Gideon started seeing snow on the ground....his response was: "Look! It's Christmastime!"

Nolan was thrilled that our van didn't break down. Can you tell we've had issues in the past? He seemed genuinely surprised yesterday morning, when we left the hotel, that our van was in working condition, lol. Last night, he and Gideon were even playing a game called "the van breaks down". Yeah, real cute!

We made it here safely and are blessed to be able to spend Christmas and New Years with my family.

Last night, I stayed up with my mom making goodies that we could easily live off of for the next several months, lol. Ok, that was an exagerration, but there are a lot of treats! I spent what seemed like hours, forming peanut butter balls. We even got a little festive and delicately layered intricate strings of melted white chocolate over them after the initial layer of chocolate had set. Ok, there were some blobs and clumps but it had nothing to do with me! It was fun to do that with my mom :)

Our plan is to go out to eat tonight at the annual Christmas Eve hangout of Amatos (an italian place), get those stockings hung and then go to sleep! I'm sure my dad will be setting his alarm clock to wake up as early as possible, much to my mother's dismay, lol.

The kids are already talking about checking the manger to see if baby Jesus has arrived. We don't put him there until Christmas morning! They are very excited about Jesus' birthday :)

I pray that everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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