Friday, December 21, 2007

A few thoughts on Jamie Lynn Spears

By now, everyone should have heard the outrage that Britney Spears' 16 year old sister is currently 12 weeks pregnant.

Was she wrong to sleep with her 19 year old boyfriend?


Should we condemn a 16 year old who has chosen life over abortion?


It would have been very easy for her to get an abortion. I don't even think she would have needed her parent's permission. It would have saved her the current judgement she is under. It would have saved her job, which is currently up in the air. It would have saved her family from more ridicule and heartache. It would have stopped prideful Christians, such as you and I, of shaking our heads at her, feeling good about ourselves that we would never be as foolish as she. When, in fact, we are just as foolish and sinful. The only difference is that our sins have been washed in the blood.

I request that instead of pointing the finger at the Spears Family, instead, we pray for them. They are in much need of a Savior. They need Jesus.

I am thankful that the decision was made to keep this unborn child. My prayer is that this little inconvenient baby, grows up to know Christ.


Mommy Cracked said...

I heartily agree!

NeedANap2 said...

Merry Christmas! I tagged you!