Thursday, July 24, 2008

38 week update

Still very much pregnant.

To quote John from last night:

I've never seen you quite so out there as you are this pregnancy.

Yeah, thanks!

At my appt, Doctor says that baby has dropped and is low. And here is my thread of hope for the week. As he was leaving the examining room he said:

Okay, see you in a week....or sooner!

They key word here is sooner...he has never said that to me before, so I am going to hold on to that until my next appt in a week, lol.

He asked me if I had any concerns. I told him only that he make it to the hospital on time. He said that I definitely keep him on his toes when I go into labor and that it keeps things interesting.

Considering he's only delivered one out of my four, what do you think the chances are that 1) he'll even be on call when I go into labor? and 2) that if he is on call, that he will miss the birth like he did last time and saunter in 10 minutes after the baby is born?

I've always thought that a July baby would be nice. Baby girl has a week to get herself out!

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