Sunday, July 20, 2008

Looking forward to L&D

Is it weird for me to say that?

Having been through childbirth 4 times...with number 5 quickly approaching (she can come WHENEVER she wants!), I find myself looking forward to what's ahead.

There is something to be said about waking your husband up from a deep sleep to tell him that IT'S TIME!

There is something wonderful about the experience of allowing your body to go through the motions of labor. It is the most painful and intense thing I have ever experienced, yet I want to be fully there, in the moment, to feel my baby make her entrance.

I look forward to natural childbirth and hearing the first cries of my daughter.

I can't wait to look at her face for the first time, and see her looking back at me.

I can't quite explain the way it feels to be alone with your baby, in your room, after all the excitement of delivery. It's like the calm after the storm.

Your room was once bustling with activity...nurses in and out. Then the baby arrives and is handed to you for the first time. You begin to nurse and are oblivious to anything around you. The only things noticeable are the beaming face of your husband and the sweet face of your newest child.

Then the nurses slowly by one. The doctor is gone. You have showered and feel refreshed and your baby is wheeled in after being checked over. Your husband has left to go tell of the news to your older children and relieve whichever family member has volunteered to be with them.

It's just you and your baby and all is well.

You thank God for the gift he has given you in this precious child, and you pray that your baby will grow up to love and know God.

Is it any wonder I'm looking forward to this again?


Thia said...

Thank you for this encouraging post. I needed it today.

Kim said...

I found your blog through Leslie's at Lux Venit. I too love the process of having babies! I had my fourth almost six months ago and I remember it with joy even though there were several moments where joy had escaped me ;)

Blessings and prayers for a wonderful experience. Your thoughts on this beautiful season resonate with me!

Teana said...

I loved it, too. It's wonderful and I agree. But let me tell you...they grow up to be teenagers. Just a word of warning...