Monday, July 21, 2008

My boys

They weren't exactly into getting their picture taken...especially Gideon. He looked like he was going to cry at any moment. Was it really that painful? I just wanted to get them all photographed with their matching shorts on :)

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Melissa Lee said...

Dear Reformed Mom,

Okay, so I am new to your blog so you'll have to excuse my "newness". I know very little.

But if I am correct you are just about to POP. (Yep, I saw the pic from a few days ago) You already have a housefull of BEAUTY. (Just look at those goodlookin' guys in those pics. My, my.) And now your getting your GIRL??

Well, honey - good for you. She will be one spoiled princess that is for sure. And rightfully so.

I hope your L&D is all you want it to be. And I hope Miss Payson is, too.

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