Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pregnancy update

I had my 36 week appt on Thursday. Nothing really new to report...he said that the baby is still pretty high and that I'm about 1cm dilated...which doesn't mean too much!

Ever since my appt, I've been feeling more pressure, and I think the Dr woke my cervix up from hibernation.

I can just hear it now..."it's that time AGAIN?!?"

Her movements are different since I can tell she is much lower now...I'm thinking she is more engaged than she was at my appt.

I told John that I will keep assuming she will be early (wouldn't that be a surprise?) until she goes past my due date.

Yeah, I know my shirt doesn't cover me anymore, lol.

And look at the cute gift I received in the mail from a friend!


Thia said...

I am having the shirt problem too. I don't want to buy anything, but with 5 weeks left...I can't go naked! Here's hoping you go a bit early. I am ready to be done too. Baby is still sitting higher than my first two, I just about can't sit upright without much discomfort.

angela said...

ohhh, i have that same sleeper with the elephant on it for hannah. we'll have to get them together in their matching outfits.

i feel like things have changed too since my appt on Thursday. Hopefully this Thursday the doctor will tell me i'm dilated a whole bunch more than 0, 2cm would make me happy.