Monday, October 22, 2007

All good things must come to an end...aka I don't remember what my house looks like!

We are flying home tomorrow. It's been four weeks since the kids and I left. The plane leaves Portland at 6:45am....yes, that is AM! Which means, we are leaving my parent's house at 4:45am. If all goes well, we'll land in Charlotte a little past 10am. Since our layover in Baltimore is a mere 26 minutes long, we may end up spending more time in Maryland than we are planning on!

The kids are excited to fly. I am too. I am imagining the looks that I will get when I am seen trudging through the airport with my husband and four boys in tow. The last time I flew with my boys (Haddon was 3 months old, so I only had 3), I actually had someone get down on their hands and knees and bow down to my bravery.

Prayers would be much appreciated!

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