Thursday, October 25, 2007

My mom

It was recently brought to my attention that nowhere on my blog do I once mention my mother. (hi mom!)

This brings back a certain Mother's, maybe 16-17 years ago?

You see, a group of girls decided to throw our mothers a dinner. We prepared and served all of the food. We even provided entertainment.

But something happened that evening that no one will ever forget. There came a time when all of the daughters stood in a line and spoke to their mothers and told their moms the things that they were most thankful for and admired the most. You would think with two daughters standing there (my sister was there too), she would have been bursting at the seems with our words.

Instead, this is what she got:

"Um, I can't think of anything."

This was said once by myself, and then again by my sister.

It was a sad, pathetic night.

So here goes:

*I am so grateful that you taught me how to cook, bake, dust, vacuum, do the dishes, sew, cross stitch, crochet....the list is never ending. I am so happy that I am able to provide things for my family, that without you, would have been much harder, if not impossible, to learn.

*I love that we talk on the phone nearly every day. We've spoken about how we are closer living a 1,000 miles apart, than if I lived right around the corner.

*I love that, while growing up, all you ever asked for was my best.

*I love that if I ever have a silly question about almost anything, I can just pick up the phone, and you do your best to help me out.

*I love that you passed on your love for crafting with me.

*I love that you raised me with a knowledge of Christ...and even though we have our different views, we are able to sit down and civilly discuss them.

*I love that you love my children...there is something to be said about a grandparent's love for their grandchildren.

*I love that you have never forgotten that you have 3 grandchildren that you were never able to meet.

*I love that you taught me how to make the perfect pie crust.

*I love that you passed on your love for cheesecake.

*I love that you will travel in a car for 20 hours to come visit....even though you hate traveling.

*I love that we are now more like the best of friends than mother and daughter.

I'm sorry for that night when I couldn't think of anything to say about you. You know, that night would not have been so memorable if we had said something nice about you. And now, I was able to proclaim to the whole world via the internet, the things I love and appreciate about you....not just a room filled with other people's moms!

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Debbie said...


I am touched by your post. I am reading it through teary eyes.

Thank you for being a daughter who was receptive to learn how to cook, bake, dust, vacuum, do the dishes, etc... even when you did it begrudgingly. LOL

Thank you for being a daughter who wants to have a close relationship with her mom.

Thank you for always trying to do your best.

Thank you for wanting to talk to me about silly things and ask seemingly dumb questions.

I love that you love crafting.

My heart rests more easily because you know our Lord Most High Jesus Christ.

I love your "little guys", and I eagerly look forward to hugging the 3 I wasn't able to meet here in this world.

You do make a perfect pie crust.

Yes, I love cheesecake, and I do hate travelling. (That last trip seemed more like 100 hours).

You are one of my best friends, and thank you for being such a wonderful daughter, loving wife, and fabulous mom.

Thank you most of all for blessing me by being who you are!

Much love, Mom