Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now that we are home....

*my mouse has gone into hiding and can no longer rule my house like he has.

*my bed is made and my decorative pillows can once again be placed upon the made bed...I can about guarantee that John didn't take the time to fix them the days he spent here, while going back and forth between TN and ME.

*the kids are having a wonderful time rediscovering their toys.

*Everyone is sleeping in until 8am because it is still fairly dark in the morning.

*I have the de-cluttering bug. It's amazing how your house can pile up when you aren't home.

*my bookshelf is now alphabetized, and I think I slept better last night because of it.

*the suitcases are unpacked. Suitcases, like laundry, exponentially multiply with each child.

*my new washer and dryer are being delivered today!!!!!!

*our pest guy is coming today to spray for bugs and set more traps for our mouse.

*I cleaned the fridge out, and there is just some aesthetically pleasing about opening up a clean fridge.

*Jamison is pulling himself up on everything! He is a risky little boy and has taught himself how to fall well.

*we ordered a new gate for the top of our stairs. The one we bought at TRU just was not made to last. We got a retract-a-gate, and I'm excited to be able to let Jamison down on the floor without barrackading the stairs.

*it feels so nice to cuddle in bed with John, in my own blankets, in our own bed, in our own house :)

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